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The choice of a window company

by dailymoney

You finally decided to start such a long-awaited, but such troublesome repair. Where to start? Of course, with the replacement of windows. Without thinking twice, you open the first newspaper advertisements that caught your eye, and the head begins to go around from the number of bright ads offering a huge selection of the best window systems and a whole list of related services. And the choice of a window company needs to be made very carefully, having weighed all the pros and cons. First of all, you need to call the selected companies, and talk with the manager, during communication with whom it is necessary to find out the most important points, such as:

one. What PVC profile does this company use? Indeed, at the moment, Ukrainian, Russian, South Korean and even Turkish profiles are presented on the Ukrainian market, but if you have such a financial opportunity, try to choose German, because German technologies allow the plastic profile to withstand temperature changes from -50 ° to +50 °, and the warranty on them, as a rule, is 5 years.2. Depending on the noise of the area in which you live, together with the company manager you will need to determine the number of cameras in the double -glazed window. According to GOST of Ukraine, the double -glazed window should be two -chamber, that is, consist of three glasses, but depending on your wishes, it can be single -chamber, consist of two glasses and three -chamber, consist of four glasses.3. Find out if the window company provides such services as finishing slopes after installation or you will need to involve specialists from the outside, cleaning and removal of garbage after work. By choosing a profile and double -glazed window, you can safely call home the Master – the measurer and already with him to find out the following points: 1. The main task of the master is to remove the measurements from the openings, according to which your windows will be made. If the measurer did this in 5-7 minutes, you can safely call the specialists of another company, because for a detailed measurement should take at least 15 minutes so that you do not encounter skewed openings, walls of walls in the front plane and disclosure of the formwork of the window opening.2. You should also discuss the width of the new window sills, the configuration of castings, and the materials from which they will be made, the possibility of establishing mosquito nets, etc. D. The result of your communication with the Master – the measurer should be the direct preparation of the order, where all your wishes must be indicated, based on which the final cost of all work will be calculated. And the most important thing when choosing a window company is not to chase at a low price, rely on your intuition, and remember that a decent company gives a guarantee for free service windows for at least three years.

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