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5 tips for creating a village style design

by dailymoney

Modern brilliant and metal style is fashionable, but not always comfortable and comfortable. But the traditional rural classic is sometimes what our soul requires. Especially a Russian person will appreciate such designs of apartments or houses. But how to bring your home to this style? We will tell you in this article.

one. Wooden furniture

Even if you live in the concrete jungle of a modern city, this does not mean that you cannot bring nature to your house. Add natural materials, the main of which is wood. Any natural wood furniture will add a cozy charm to your home. Wooden chairs, tables, charming elements of pens on the couch and even wooden doors – all this we sincerely love more than plastic, isn’t it so?

2. Antique lighting

Crystal chandeliers may be completely expensive, but certain lamps in the antique style are available to almost everyone. They will add elegance to any room. You can even choose a chandelier where the device under the bulbs looks in the form of a candle and the lamps themselves are not round, but in the form of a candle flame (drop). For those who can afford to spend a little more than average, we advise you to go to antique shops and find something rare and original. By the way, cheap vintage chandeliers can be purchased in flea markets or at auctions on the Internet.

3. Neutral walls

The easiest (and cheap!) the way to add village simplicity to the house – it is used by one -color walls, preferably with the simplest wallpaper texture or even wall painting. Moreover, the colors of the walls should be neutral.

four. Old accessories

When your walls are repainted in a neutral color, it’s time to decorate the room with bizarre old details. Once again, antique shops or flea markets, as well as a large number of modern masters who sell handmade products via the Internet, will help you here. So beautiful (and cheap!) You will not find things in any retail store, but ordering them through VKontakte groups or through the site is a matter of two minutes. Decorate your chest of drawers with a vintage handle or hang an unusual picture cut on a tree on the wall. Buy pillows with Russian ornaments or even sew them yourself. In general, the choice is very great.

5. Fireplace

This is a complex point for the apartment issue, but possible. There are electric or gas fireplaces that can be installed in apartments. Well, if you are a happy owner of a country house, then you just need to install a fireplace or a Russian stove. This is one of the most important elements of the rustic style and a multifunctional tool that will give you beauty, warmth, an incredible feeling of comfort and unity with nature.

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