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Elite washing machines.

by dailymoney

Any purchase of large household appliances requires certain knowledge that will help you choose the most attractive model for the user. This applies, oddly enough, washing machines, which, at first glance, are all the same and not much different.

Below we will try to consider the main advantages of the highest price -range washing machines, the release of which is the German company Miele, which specializes in the production of elite equipment.

For example, take the most common and popular model of the Miele 1740 Active Care washing machine. It has quite high pressing indicators – 1400 revolutions per minute, the maximum load is 6 kg. One of the features of the model is the possibility of washing large things, such as blankets, curtains and outerwear. For the convenience of loading in the model, an enlarged diameter hatch is used.

The washing itself is carried out with the full control of the programs “sewn up” into the processor. This principle was called “smart washing”, since all processes are fully controlled without the participation of the user. Depending on the mass of the loaded linen, which is automatically determined and the user choice of one of the main programs, the automation itself selects the temperature regime, the washing program, spin, measures the required amount of powder, and also doses the consumption of water, after softening it to the level safe for the machine.

The main feature that the Miele washing equipment differs from the models of other manufacturers is to use a special cell drum in the design of a unique patented technology in the design. Moreover, such a drum is used in standard models with front loading, and in vertical models such as the Miele W 647 WPM washing machine. A design feature of the location of the holes on the drum and their special shape allows you to reduce the wear of the linen during washing and spin, t. e. Any, even the most “aggressive” regime has a “delicate approach” to things.

If we talk about the additional advantages of washing machines Miles, then you should pay attention to the possibility of independent programming models with the possibility of subsequent recording programs in the memorial device of the machine. In addition, the company’s specialists quite often release updated versions of programs for all model rows of washing machines, and you can “reflash” the system absolutely free.

At the end, I would like to devote a few words to such models as Miele 4144 WPS washing machines with built -in drying. They are all convenient for those owners who constantly do not have enough time to dry the laundry by hanging. Washing-drying machines perfectly cope with drying of linen, which then is easily smoothed out. Moreover, the most optimal and economical drying process uses an intellectual drying system, which, by analogy with the intellectual washing system, is called “smart drying”.

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