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Protests in France: causes and consequences

by marusia

Across France, as part of the general strike, protesters against pension reform clashed with the police. This was reported by BFMTV on Tuesday, March 28.

So, according to the TV channel, in Rennes, a crowd of protesters threw stones at police officers, in response they used tear gas and water cannons.

Clashes between strikers and the police took place in the city of Nantes in the western part of the country, where protesters set fire to a car and a bank branch, and also threw various objects at law enforcement officials.

The demonstration in Tulle, located in the south-west of France, according to the TV channel, was also accompanied by violent clashes between activists and the police. Protesters threw cans and Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officers. The police responded with tear gas.

The article reports that clashes between the most radical representatives of the protest movement and law enforcement forces took place in Paris. As a result, 22 people were detained by the police.

On Tuesday, the 10th day of the general strike announced in France against the pension reform in the country has already passed. Demonstrations lead to mass riots.

So, on March 26, as a result of a rally in the commune of Saint-Solin, more than 200 people were injured, including law enforcement officers, 40 people received deep and shrapnel wounds.

The law on increasing the retirement age was adopted on March 16 without a vote in parliament. Representatives of trade unions and opposition political parties condemned the government’s move. The next day, the opposition group LIOT put forward a vote of no confidence in the government. Mass protests continued in different cities of France.

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