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A construction change house for those who have a small gardening station

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Many order a construction change house for the country. Someone keeps tools in it, others even live in it. This, by the way, is a good option for owners of small gardens in the suburbs. If you bought a piece of land near the city to plant several beds on it, and there is no money for the construction of a full -fledged country house, then the construction block or household house is exactly what will give you the necessary roof over your head and will not take up much space.

You have two options:

one. Make this design yourself

2. Buy a construction change house

In the first case, you can experience some pride for yourself, but spend your time and even nerves. Building a change house, this, of course, is not as difficult as building a house, but still not as easy as to eat a piece of cake with tea. In the end, this requires labor costs and material investments, which, as practice shows, can increase in comparison with the acquisition of a finished product. So, it is better to order a change house of course.

If you buy a change house, then you can be offered either a ready -made option, if it is available, or build a change house according to your parameters.

Metal or wood: Opinions of ordinary people.

If you start studying the offers of everyday life or block containers on the Internet, you will notice that there are wooden and metal options. The opinions of ordinary people on the question of what is better, vary. When compared by indicators, then the metal is stronger and durable. The fire and security of metal block containers is highlighted, but people’s reviews say that such structures are also burning if the fire is strong. In addition, you can soak with a special composition from fire and a tree of a barbar. They note that a metal block container with insulation and interior decoration with wood creates the most comfortable conditions for living. And wooden cabins are cheaper, and even look better than metal. Nevertheless, if a wooden change house is made bad, then it can skew and then all the aesthetics disappear.

You can combine two material into one design. So, a good option is a house of 3 meters width, 7 meters length. Metal roof with fire-bi-bio composition of impregnation, walls from a bar. You can make large windows to take a lot of light. Install the stove if required. If the structure is put on logs and collect the terrace to the structure, then how to get the house in general.

Regarding the construction of a change house on the site.

Experienced people advise to control workers during the entire process, so that everything is screwed and fastened normally, and not. Of course, the company, which is expensive, will not pack your structure, but just in case you need control.

If with money it is completely problematic.

If your budget is in strict savings, then buy a used cabinet. This, of course, may not be the most reliable option, then for 10-12 you will find a suitable mini-house for your garden on websites with ads.

Portal Project Rodrey wishes you a great selection of a change house. We wish you to find a cheap, but very high -quality change house.

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