Home News A house that is filled with health and helps lead the right lifestyle. Part 1.

A house that is filled with health and helps lead the right lifestyle. Part 1.

by dailymoney

Want to know how to make your home more useful for life and health? If you finally aimed at improving your lifestyle, then this material is for you. In this article, we intend to talk about small and major interventions in the interior that can contribute to your new healthy tendency.

one. Increase the communication of the house with the street

Do you live in a city apartment or in a country house, you need to improve your access to external oxygen (except when you live in industrial and very contaminated areas, then think how to protect yourself from external oxygen as much as possible). Install sliding French doors in the country or clean and repair the balcony, turning it into a place where you will want to stand and breathe fresh air, outside the cup of coffee. Equip the area at the window for work or just install a sofa nearby for simple serene reading in the fresh air.

2. Use a high desktop

We heard about a new healthy office trend – the tables behind which are worth? So, buy yourself such a home. Working at a computer in a standing position will help you be more toned and avoid a large amount of time spent in a sitting position. If you switch to a standing operating mode will be hard, buy a high bar stool for your homework.

3. Reduce the refrigerator.

More and more huge refrigerators appear on the market that require constant filling, but if you do not have a large family that consists of you, your children and five eternal relatives, then such a luxury is not for you. The smaller your refrigerator, the less food you will score in it. Buy products more often, and do not purchase the entire set of food at a time. Thus, your food will always be fresh, and you will reduce the consumption of frozen semi -finished products.

four. Equip a good and convenient place for family dinners.

Having created a convenient place for a family dinner or breakfast, you will reduce the time of eating products by the TV and computer. You can choose any style of your dining area, for example, as in the photo in this article, which presented the design that Johnson Design Studio made. Enter the correct meals at the set table – this is one of the most important points of healthy meals.

5. Grow a home garden of herbs

Having a home bed with herbs, you can always provide yourself with fresh seasonings. In addition, a beautiful garden with herbs perfectly complements the kitchen interior. As long as your plants have enough water and light, they can grow perfectly on your windowsill or in a vertical planter.

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