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A solid cabinet for a solid leader

by dailymoney

Higher requirements are always presented to the interior of the head of the head than to other office premises. After all, the office of the head is a kind of “face of the company”, by which one can judge its stability and prosperity. Therefore, the head of the leader should have a thoughtful combination of businessiness and luxury, severity and comfort, which best creates a classic style in combination with elements of modern Hi-Tech.

The quality of furniture in the head of the head should be an order of magnitude higher than that of office workers. This applies to the material from which it is made, both to design, and to ergonomics. The head of the leader should be large and even massive, with a thick countertop (preferably from valuable wood) and no less thick legs. At the same time, the table should be ergonomic, that is, provide maximum convenience during work, without forcing him to make unnecessary movements. This can be achieved due to the semicircular shape of the countertop. As a rule, a long table for meetings and negotiations is located in front of the main table.

The head of the head is a masterpiece of the ergonomic approach: thanks to the pneumatic mechanism of lifting the seat (gazlift) and adjusting the height of the armrests, it is unusually convenient to sit in it, and the additional adjustable swing spring also allows you to deviate back from the desired angle.

Modern rooms for the leader suggest the presence of a recreation area, which is formed due to the corner leather sofa and armchairs for informal communication, sometimes separated by high plants from the rest of the office. If the leather sofa is also put in the reception, this will indicate respectability and good financial position of the company. Leather sofas of black, dark shades of brown or luxurious burgundy color look most solid.

In the office of the head, plastic, cheap upholstery and chipboard are completely excluded. Furniture – only from a solid array of wood or using veneer of valuable wood, upholstery of sofas and armchairs – only leather. In the production of business class furniture, MDF plates with laminate, melamine and natural veneer are also used.

A great contrasting combination with traditional quality is chromed aluminum in the elements of the finish and hardened glass, from which even a countertop is sometimes performed. Tempered glass has a number of advantages – high strength, hygiene, ease of caring for it, but most of all designers love him for creating spectacular contrast with massive solid furniture. Tempered or tinted glass is used in the cabinets for storing documents for the manufacture of original racks or shelves.

Metal decor elements, which are performed mainly from chrome aluminum and stainless steel, bring high-tech features into the interior and remind you that the owner of the cabinet is keeping up with the times.

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