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Advantages of the windows KBE

by dailymoney

The German company Queer is one of the main manufacturers of door and window plastic structures in Europe. This company was founded in 1980, and since then it has always been among the leaders in terms of sales of plastic profile for doors and windows.

Researchers of the German company KBE are studying new methods of creating high -quality window profiles daily. Many years of experience in research work in particular and all work as a whole allows the German manufacturer to keep up with progress for more than twenty years. During this time, experts created more than a dozen profiles that pleased buyers with comfort and comfort.

KBE German windows are so popular primarily due to their universality. What is this uniqueness manifested? German profiles can be operated in a variety of climate conditions, as well as in buildings of various purposes, starting with elite cottages and ending with panel houses. The windows of the German company are of the highest quality, but the cost, in comparison with other PVC windows, the smallest.

German design bureaucus have the following advantages:

one. Heat – windows from the German profile remarkably maintain warm air in the apartment. The design of the window itself predisposes to thermal insulation, since plastic is a disgusting conductor of heat. In addition, multi -chamber structures are used in most cases, as a result of which the air acts as a heat -insulating material. Depending on the profile article, the windows can be equipped with a single -chamber or two -chamber double -glazed window.

2. Sound insulation – its level in some cases reaches the indicator in 26 dB. For comparison, pages rustle scientists evaluate at 20 dB, and the noise coming from the street is 60 dB. Thus, closing the windows, you will reduce street noise to the minimum itself.

3. Durability – a German profile from PVC has a high service life, which is more than 40 years. Moreover, during all this time, the expenses associated with the windows of the Que are minimal. After all, these windows do not age and do not wear out, they will not have to be painted or repair.

four. Appearance – windows look very impressive and stylish. Some modifications are distinguished by rounded edges, which makes them even more beautiful.

5. Environmental friendliness – recently, the company has launched new windows in production using new technology, which is called “Green Line”. The essence of this technology is that for the production of windows they stopped using harmful lead, replacing it with more environmentally friendly calcium. Based on the results of the tests, we can conclude that the windows developed using Green Line technology are characterized by greater durability and better resistance of aggressive substances.

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