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Advantages of using PNP pipes for water supply

by dailymoney

As locksmiths like to say today, there will be very little time and the steel pipe can only be seen in the museum. And, if you think about it, this is not far from reality. Technological breakthroughs provided a very good alternative to both cast -iron and steel pipes. The pipe pipe, which differ in improved characteristics, not only in technical terms, but also economic terms, is more and more. This makes them more popular in comparison with analogues.

Such pipes made of polyethylene are made. Method of manufacture – screw loading.

The abbreviation of the PND decodes as low pressure polyethylene. This material has very unique properties that make pipes an ideal option for installing pipeline networks, heating and air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing systems, etc. D. The abundance of fittings allow not only to mount new networks, but also replace damaged areas in old pipelines. It is enough to use special transitions here. At the same time, you should not fear the pressure drops inside the system.

The main advantage of PND is the almost complete absence of any process of changes in the structure of the pipe under the influence of external and transported media. In other words, the inner surface, even after many years of operation, will remain as smooth and clean, and the water transported through the system will not change the composition. The outer layer still changes a little over time, but this will take more than a dozen years.

From factories, such pipes are produced by bays, 100 and 200 meters each, or with segments of 12 meters. In the future, for the convenience of transportation, segments can be cut into 2, 3, 4 and 6 meters.

When buying polyethylene pipes, it should be remembered that these products should fully comply with certain requirements, among which:

– smooth surface, both external and internal;

– the presence of cracks and chips on the end parts is not allowed;

– deformation of the pipe is not allowed;

– the availability of marking with technical data.

PND pipes differ in three main indicators:

– Pipe brand. PE-100 or PE-80;

– Indicator of the diameter of the pipe and permissible pressure (SDR);

– Directly the purpose of the pipe. Cold water supply, hot water and heating systems, electric cable insulation, as well as a gas pipeline.

And so, in short, we examined the main points related to the acquisition of polyethylene pipes. But they forgot to tell you about where you can buy them. The best option to save time and means without fear of loss of quality is the acquisition of PND in companies that have official relations with manufacturers. Robustro company will offer you a wide range of PND pipes and fittings at a good price with delivery.

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