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An indispensable attribute of modern life-a wardrobe

by dailymoney

It is believed that the first wardrobes appeared in Italy. They were developed by Italian designers when designing affordable mass housing. Modernized a wardrobe already in America: attached to the door of the wheel of plastic, improved the roller mechanism, began to produce mirror doors, mounted by a special film that protects them from damage. And today, improved wardrobes are an indispensable attribute of our time.

When choosing furniture, many buyers are primarily interested in cabinets of the price compartment for which are acceptable for mass consumer. When calculating the cost of furniture, such parameters as dimensions (width, height, depth), location, color design, number of doors, material from which the cabinet and doors are made are taken into account.

Before buying a wardrobe, you should find out its estimated dimensions, decide on the location of the cabinet in the apartment and with the amount that you intend to spend on it.

To date, buying a wardrobe in Moscow and in other cities is not a problem. Many companies offer a wide range of built-in cabinets and corner wardrobes, including custom-made furniture. The wardrobe wardrobe to order, made in accordance with the nuances and features of the planning of the apartment or office premises, will make convenience and uniqueness in the design of the interior of the apartment (or office).

The main feature of any wardrobe is a sliding door that saves the beneficial space of the apartment. The cabinet door rolls along the lower and upper guides. In order for the door to not hit the wall or side panel, transparent round lining or brush, serving as a damporator, are glued to the vertical profile.

Distinguish two different types of sliding doors systems. The most popular is the door with a steel or plastic roller mechanism. However, small objects that interfere with light sliding of the door can be clogged into the groove. The second type involves the installation of a “suspended” door with rollers rolling along the upper guide. Such a system is well protected from grains of sand and dust.

In a wardrobe, you can hide clothes, shoes, linen and many other things from prying eyes. This also applies to things that do not fit into the design of the interior of the apartment: vacuum cleaner, skis, ironing board. A beautiful wardrobe will diversify and decorate the interior of a house or apartment.

Built-in wardrobe allows you to optimally use the area, releasing precious meters of the apartment. Many firms complement the wardrobe-wardrobe shelves for books and desk, which allows it to harmoniously fit into the interior of the office or bedroom. For a one -room apartment, such an innovation was developed as a cabinet with a single or double bed. A new product, combining two different functions, produces a synergistic effect that makes the purchase of profitable for customers.

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