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Arrangement of the territory near the house

by dailymoney

The equipment of the territory near the house plays an important role. If you have a wonderful, stately house, then the site must approach him.

There are many variations of its design. As well as the styles of the interior of the premises, there are styles of design of the adjacent site, as it is also called, landscape design.

Everything, of course, will depend on the size of the territory. Somewhere you can install a court for tennis, and somewhere you will need to limit yourself to the landing of a pair of flower beds and a bench. For lighting it is better to buy street reliable lamps on LEDs. They have a lot of advantages over ordinary incandescent lamps. Let’s dwell on this issue in detail. So, while the price of these lighting sources is high, when compared with other lighting methods.

But there are many “but” who give an understanding why it is better to purchase specifically LEDs. The first, it is saving electricity or energy conservation. Secondly, this is a working time. Manufacturers strongly say that lamp lamps are able to work up to 15 years. Or that they are a hundred times longer work as an ordinary bulb. The numbers are actually amazing, agree? Again they are not dangerous in application. Incidentally, it is better to perform lighting both on the house itself, in other words, make bright entrance to the house itself, and put the lanterns around the perimeter. This is made for the safety of you and your family.

If we solve the issue with lighting, then we move on to the so -called landscape design. There is where to turn around the fantasies. You can calculate and equip a mini-lamp with illumination, place small sculptures, benches near it. You can plant shrubs, and then how they will grow, make different exciting figures out of them with a secateur. These are animal figures, chess figures and so on. If there is a desire to hide your own territory near the house from prying eyes, then you can use not ordinary material as a fence, but a hedge. She will look very great.

The most basic is not to forget to take care of her. You will get a fresh green fence in another way, but a grunted fence. The same will happen if you sit lawn grass. Again, you need detailed care, cutting and watering. If you do not keep up with everything yourself, then take specialized people for this. And if there is no similar possibility, then think about another equipment. The most basic, do not forget that the facade of the house and the territory near the house can quite well indicate the owner of this building. That’s why look if you are. By the way, on the site you can order a project of your home, contact you will always help experienced specialists.

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