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Basic rules for the arrangement and repair of roads in Russia

by dailymoney

The arrangement of roads in Russia mainly consists in laying a roadway, installing signs and traffic lights, as well as road repair. The administration of settlements or regional administration is usually responsible for the improvement of roads. And the Federal Road Agency oversees all work on the repair and construction of roads. Road repair, signaling columns, traffic lights and much more “subordinate” to this department.

For example, more than 1.193 trillion rubles were allocated for the needs of this department. This amount was allocated only for the repair and arrangement of public roads, the purchase of equipment and necessary for the normal functioning of road signs. These include traffic lights, road signs, signaling columns, the manufacture of which is usually the prerogative of commercial firms that win tenders from the state. But this is a small fraction of allocated funds. Most of it goes precisely for the repair or overhaul of the roadway. According to GOSTs established by legislation, repair work must first be embraced by a road fence. Danger sections of the road must be selected with signal columns, temporary markings or signs. Standard situation – when moving, you notice orange plastic road columns – this is a signal for the driver that repair work is in front or, for example, an open sewer hatch. At night, these road fences should be covered with additional light signals. However, often in practice, light signals are just absent. This omission of road services leads to sad consequences, especially on high -speed highways. Therefore, the bright color of signal columns or a reflective strip of road fences will help to avoid a collision or accident. In cases of violations of the conditions and norms of repair of roads and improper improvement of repair work, one should report this to the traffic police, as well as in the city or regional committee engaged in this sphere. All subjects of Russia now have sites of the administration of the region, region, republic or sites of the city hall, where you can send your complaint in the corresponding section. Your appeal will be registered and you will be given an answer about the measures that are accepted to eliminate such shortcomings. In any case, the department is ordered to respond to incoming messages and take appropriate measures. And not only the party that leaves the complaint is interested in preventing the critical situation. The corresponding statement can save not only your or someone else’s car, but also people’s lives. That is why it is strongly recommended to contact the relevant departments in order to prevent an accident and save human life. In such situations, it is indifferent to remain indifferent to the indifferent.

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