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Bathroom design

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Anyone knows the purpose of the bathroom. But what is better plumbing equipment to install, not everyone knows. Interior design in this room should also differ from other rooms. In former times, the bulk of citizens belonged to plumbing as a regular item – everything works and the closed crane holds water well, and nothing more was required. And there are countries where plumbing is more seriously related, therefore, they create museums of toilets and mixers. Before choosing equipment, you should decide on the overall interior design, where the total color of the room plays an important role.

If you design yourself, without any skills, you can ruin everything, even spending a lot of money on it. A qualified specialist, on the contrary, with minimal investment, will make a unique room out of the bathroom.

When you solve the issue of style and color, think about finishing materials.

In rooms with high humidity, for decoration of floor and walls, ceramic tiles are more often used, but other materials, for example, porcelain tiles are possible. It is more suitable as a flooring. Its durability is fully consistent with this word. The floor from this material will survive more than one generation. In addition, it can be periodically updated by grinding method.

If you install ceramic tiles, you can alternate different colors, laying out a kind of mosaic.

But in any case, it is better to entrust such work with qualified masters. Now, due to constantly growing competition, this is not very expensive pleasure. Plumbing equipment and construction and final material, you can buy yourself, then pay only the work of the master. But since you do not understand this, you will not choose what you need. It can be expensive, but not of high quality and vice versa. Qualified specialists working in solid construction companies have extensive experience and permanent suppliers of equipment and building materials. They will help you choose a cheap, but quality product.

In bathrooms, stretch ceilings are most often installed, and ceramic tiles are chosen with matte color. For the beauty of the interior, it is better to use a colored grout for the seams between the tiles.

In old apartments, risers are usually open. But in the plumbing store you can purchase a special casing and hide this cast -iron pipe behind it. Your bathroom will immediately transform and take aesthetic look.

If you decide to completely replace the plumbing, but the bathtub itself is cast -iron, then it is better to leave it. She, like the riser, will exist forever. This product retains water in hot condition for a long time. During a water set, a loud sound does not spread through all rooms, like from some modern products. If you decide to get rid of a cast-iron bathtub only because of the cracked enamel, then this is not worth doing, since there has long been a technology for applying enamel right on the spot, without firing in hot furnaces. It turns out like a new one.

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