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Bathroom repair and statistics

by dailymoney

You know that in the houses where older people live, most often there is a shower in the bathroom instead of a bath, if both elements of plumbing are unable to put.

49% of people who organized their own shower space most often plan to update it by adding a seat. Only 7% of people attract showers with built -in LED lighting, but 48% would like to have a window in the bathroom. Most people aged 25-34 years choose toilets with a hidden tank or suspended toilets, as well as bathroom furniture in bright colors. Among those who prefer colored cabinets, 32% will choose shades of blue. Nickel coated mixers like 26%, and chromium coated mixers – 25%.

This general statistics, giving an idea of ​​what choice people make, repairing the bathroom in their house. If you think about it, it gives a lot of information. For example, older people refuse the bath, because it is easier for them to wash in their souls. For the same reason, people think about the installation of seats in the soul. People consider the routine ice backing of plumbing as useless, and the window in the bathroom is classified as an additional design element (perhaps this is due to the fact that many plumbing manufacturers make promo-photography of the goods near the window). Hiding a toilet tank is rational, because it allows you to save space, as well as the suspended toilets (this suggests that people most often do not have enough space in the bathroom). The white color of furniture is a classic, and it is difficult to lose with it. And blue is a traditional way of classics, but still is an option in the comfort zone of most people. Options among chrome mixers and mixers with nickel coating are most on the market and they are best suited to neutral decoration.

According to statistics, the cheaper repair is the repair with the finishes of the PHV panels, cheap ceramic tiles (with independent laying), as well as wallpaper or plaster. On the floor, even in budget versions, ceramic tiles are chosen, although in some very cheap projects old -style vinyl flooring is laid (modern vinyl tiles can be of high quality and cost expensive). Budget but stylish repair, most often made by combining a laminate with wallpaper or plaster.

In the case of cheap repair and repair of average cost, people most often choose acrylic baths and separate toilet. Investing in a suspended toilet is possible in case of extreme need to save space. In addition, for this purpose, the suspended sink and hanging cabinets are most often hung, without the use of the cabinet.

Almost any average repair uses ceramic tiles. Stone finishes, as a rule, are chosen by more wealthy people. Due to the latest trends, in a number of projects of two types, waterproof laminate or parquet is used.

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