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Brick and gravel – excellent quality at affordable prices

by dailymoney

High technologies come on all positions. They also affected one of the most ancient technologies – brick production. Cly, drying of raw briquettes, fire furnaces – this was used in the production of ceramic (clay) bricks. And for silicate bricks, sand and lime are not required, striking the formed workpiece in autoclaves. The traditional brick is replaced by a hyperpressed, which has significantly better characteristics. The prefix “hyper” implies a significant excess over anything. In this case, cold welding of mineral raw materials with a binder under huge pressure in the corresponding forms is used. Then the resulting brick ripens in the warehouse for 3-5 days. After which he is ready to ship the consumer. As a rule, such brick is used as a facing.

Hyperpressed brick properties: increased strength, frost resistance. Can be used for any number of storeys of buildings. Lickens well with the solution. Stained in any color. Size stability.

Facing brick in Volgograd of various shapes and sizes is available. One of these forms is decoration for wild stone. Architects are such forms and characteristics of hyperpressal brick – a real gift. And the brick plant No. 1 produces such building material.

Crushed stone – building material for all times

Crushed stone is a crushed rock. In the form of large blocks, boulders are mined in quarries, then crushed into small pebbles, which are sorted by size. As a rule, granite is used for the production of crushed stone. Crushed stone is a material indispensable in any construction. Depending on the size, the form of crushed stone is used as part of concrete during the construction of airfields, roads, bridges, to fill the foundations of buildings, structures. The properties of crushed stone depend on the shape of its grains and sizes. In construction, there is the term “breaming”. It causes something flat in the imagination, like a bream. This is what stone records look like – granny.

Crushed stone has high quality, in which the content of flat grains is less than 15%. Such gravel has a cube -shaped shape and is used in the production of concrete. This concrete is better compacted, the voids between the grains are reduced – the concrete is more durable. In addition, a decrease in the intermediary space will save a binder solution. During the construction of railway tracks, crushed stone is used as a pillow on which sleepers are laid. If, when laying the railway track, cube -shaped crushed stone will be used in the pillow, then it, when compacting well, will increase the service life of the highway at times. Such crushed stone with a bream of 6 to 14% produces modern companies. They supply their products of various fractions. The delivery of crushed stone occurs without intermediaries – directly to the consumer.

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