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Build the house quickly and cheap

by dailymoney

In order to build an inexpensive but high -quality house, most likely, you will have to carry out construction yourself or find an inexpensive developer and carefully monitor the entire construction process. In view of the lack of time and effort, and sometimes simply, the implementation of this for some people seems impossible.

It is really possible to build an inexpensive house if you select such a project that will be understood not only for people who carry out assistance in its construction, but also to you. It is necessary to correctly choose materials: for example, it is best to choose for walls, given the effects of the environment on them. When erecting load -bearing walls, it is necessary to take into account the current norms for the thickness of the walls depending on the climatic zones. In addition, when building brick walls, it must be remembered that this will require large economic costs, cement, brick, and it will be almost impossible to implement it yourself. For transportation of building materials, a dump truck is required, you will also have to order another special equipment.

If you chase the cheapness, that is, the probability of acquiring bad materials, respectively, it is necessary to monitor the selection of especially carefully. For savings, you can not build walls between the kitchen and the hall or reduce the width of the house. Change the roof to a gable and make a smaller wall thickness. If you use modern technologies in construction and tools, then you can build yourself.

A fairly fast and relatively cheap option is the construction of the house in which blocks of polystyrene are used. These blocks have cavities, pour cement there when the walls are erected from these blocks. Such a house retains heat better, which very significantly reduces heating costs.

The construction of foam concrete houses is more preferably on stoves made of reinforced concrete in order to avoid deformation of blocks. Of course, after building the house, it is necessary to responsibly monitor, heal it, because foam concrete blocks tend to be saturated with moisture and cracks may appear in cold weather.

So, no matter how we would like to live according to European standards, the construction of houses in Russia for European projects will not be appropriate… The northern part of Russia has specific climate characteristics that have a significant, determining effect. Low winter temperatures negatively affect housing comfort. Only with a rational planning of the house can it be made more warm and effective. The easiest way to reduce heat loss is to reduce the perimeter of the external walls. The right choice of the developer will help save your budget. The construction company “Yug-Stroy” will facilitate a difficult task in building houses.

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