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Building materials, classification.

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If you decide to start repair, decoration or construction, you will need building materials. To get started, let’s deal with the classification. In accordance with the purpose, building materials are divided into constructive ones, which perceive and transfer the loads; thermal insulation, providing thermal regime; acoustic for sound – and sound insulation; waterproofing and roofing to increase water resistance; sealing for confrontation of joints; finishing materials to improve the type and protection against various external influences; Materials of special meaning, for refractory and acid -resistant structures and general significance necessary for various purposes (for example, lime, wood, concrete and others).

Based on the main technological features, building materials are classified depending on the production method, the qualities of the material, the area of ​​application and the type of raw materials from which they are made. In accordance with the manufacturing method, natural or natural materials, for example, made of wood or stone, materials subjected to machining, which are obtained by firing (ceramics), melting (glass), using organic raw materials (solvents, tar); and organic binding substances, for example, building plastics and waterproofing materials.

Recently, new building materials have been created and implemented, giving impetus to progressive architectural solutions. Modern materials are designed to solve all kinds of problems, such as increasing the energy efficiency of industrial and residential premises, reducing construction costs and various operating costs. On the basis of modern types of building materials, “smart houses” are built, to live in which is most comfortable.

Accordingly, the social significance of developments for the improvement of building materials is of great importance. But also, the costs of scientific and technical developments of this sphere are quite limited. More often construction and repair organizations use either traditional materials or borrowed from foreign colleagues. And in conclusion, consider the issue of the cost of building materials. The price of building materials depends on raw materials, including its delivery, the cost of electricity, costs of labor and other factors.

For different regions, the listed factors differ. Thus, the geographical factor also affects. The cost of imported materials is affected by the exchange rate. The price depends on the volume of purchase and the costs of vehicles. Some of the companies offer services not only for the sale of materials for construction and repair, but also their installation. In this case, significant discounts are usually provided for both the materials themselves and for the construction work. Seasonal factor, plays a significant role in the pricing of wall materials. In winter, the cost of building materials is much lower.

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