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By what parameters are the interior doors choose

by dailymoney

Beautiful door is the need for a stylish interior. Doors or its shape can have a simple design, however, a competent selection of even a classic design, one way or another, has a significant impact on the appearance of the room.

Interior doors are an important part of the house, so maximum thoughts and ideas should be applied to their choice. Style, materials, sound insulation, type of opening are only some of the points that are considered when sorting endless options in door stores.

Door style.

The style of the door can be very different from the design of the whole house. Feel freely, choosing design – try to imagine different options, but do not go beyond logical solutions. A massive rich door can crush the appearance of an already tiny room. On the example of a photograph, which shows the interior doors of the Volkhovets (Dverivolhovec. ) from the Galant series, it is clear that even in a separate collection there are many style options. This can be a completely closed door without a pattern or with crashed elements, as well as with glass inserts, which in turn can be of different shapes and have a all kinds of pattern and degree of transparency.

The door can open to the right or left, on which the location of the loops and handles depends.

Framing the door

The door should be decorated from A to me, which means that you should not forget about the framing.

Types of doors

Doors options are an infinite set and the matter is not only in styles, but also in the structure of the structure. In addition to the most usually, the classic door of the doors, there are still:

– Sliding interior doors ,

– pocket -type doors (pushed into the walls),

– Folding doors (folded by accordion),

– barn doors (suspended from above, pushed to the sides),

– Panel doors from several wings,

– French doors (panel plus frame from transparent panels around),

– Dutch doors (divided into two parts: the upper and lower sash of the door open separately)

– A blind (hidden) door without handles and visible finishes (developed so that it completely merges with the wall)


Doors are made from different materials:

– A massif of a tree


– doors with a hollow core (usually from plywood)

– with a solid core (plywood or cast composite)

– metal

– glass

Thus, there are a lot of parameters along which the interior door is selected. Each person must determine for himself what exactly he wants and what doors are suitable for his individual apartment. Sometimes, simple white doors are the most correct options, and in other situations it is worth choosing an unusual format door or ordering your own design from the manufacturer company.

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