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Ceramic granite, its types and characteristics

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For lining the floor, walls and other surfaces in recent years, ceramic granite is popular and popular material, or, as it is most often called – porcelain tile, which can be selected on the site . This finishing building material is produced as follows: prepare a mixture, in certain proportions containing granite crumbs, kaolin clay, quartz sand and field sparks, compress it and make a thermal firing.

Varieties of porcelain tile

Matte porcelain tile. In construction, it is not used often. Its difference lies in high strength and good operational properties. Its drawback is that after some time, spots are possible on an unglazed surface. More practical to use and quite inexpensive technical porcelain tiles. Outwardly it resembles a simple natural granite. This material can maintain its original appearance for decades. It is often used when facing technical premises, as well as as a floor covering of workshops, car wash, production workshops.

Glazed porcelain tiles are mined in quarries. The glaze located on the surface is subjected to a high -temperature firing, so that the material becomes very durable. This type of porcelain tile quickly loses its original appearance and use it for floor cladding, in covered rooms.

In any interior, polished porcelain tile looks very beautiful. In the process of processing, it is polished to a mirror shine, but after some time, the glossy surface is abrasion and noticeably fades. Polished porcelain tile is ideal as a wall covering or surfaces on which there is no large load.

Satinated porcelain tiles can be attributed to decorated coatings. Thanks to the special salt that is applied to the material before processing, it is possible to get a shiny surface, which is no longer necessary to polish.

Another type of ceramic granite, which is used for decoration, is structured porcelain stoneware. He received his naming due to the fact that some types of this material outwardly resemble the structure of the tree, similar to fabric, skin, stone surface or mosaic. Crama border tiles with a pattern on the front side, recently, has a fairly large demand.

Due to its technical properties and relatively low cost, ceramic granite is very popular in our time. Qualities such as resistance to chemicals, moisture resistance, mechanical wear resistance and resistance to temperature influences make this material indispensable in many solutions in the process of finishing and construction work.

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