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ChatGPT began to be used for phishing

by marusia

Scammers have learned to use a chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT to create phishing emails – the first mass mailings of this kind were recorded in March, information security experts told Izvestia.

AI technology allows you to automate the process of sending emails as much as possible and make them more reliable, experts explained. In addition, the software can be used to create fake pages or browser plugins designed to steal passwords. However, the program can also be used against criminals themselves — to identify the same phishing links, recognize fake forms of payment and other deception schemes.

In March 2023, information security specialists recorded the first mass mailing of phishing emails created using a chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT. According to experts, cybercriminals actively use AI capabilities in order to increase the reliability of texts, automate the process and increase the likelihood of cheating users.

— Scammers have been actively exploring the possibilities of the program since its release in December. We record that the first phishing emails written using this software began to arrive en masse to users in March of this year,” said Igor Bederov, head of the Information and Analytical Research Department at T.Hunter.

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