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Choose lighting for kitchen space

by dailymoney

In the process of organizing kitchen lighting, it is important to take into account that the light is upper and working. For example, the upper light is considered common, and it can be directed directly from the ceiling. To create such light, several types of lamps are used, usually these are point lamps, stationary or mobile, as well as ordinary or not quite ordinary chandeliers. If you managed to buy cheap hobs at a discount, and you still have additional funds for lamps – choose high -quality and stylish models for the upper lighting. It should create a bright atmosphere in the kitchen in the evening and even at night. Often spotlights are not enough and you have to use additional options. You can create the illusion of a window cut in the ceiling using suspended structures.

Remember that low lamps are best framed by a neat cornice, which is part of the kitchen furniture. If hinged cabinets without a cornice are installed in the kitchen, then models on flexible or mobile brackets are suitable. In this case, you can always regulate light. Work light in the kitchen is no less important than the general. You can choose oven for kitchen, the most stylish models of slabs and refrigerators, but without a successful working light to cook food, and you will not be comfortable to eat food. The upper light only complements the worker, allowing you to make emphasis on the desired items or an important technique for work.

Labor lighting is created by local springs. Typically, lamps are located at the required level, so that the countertop is “flooded with light” as natural as possible. In addition, it is important to illuminate the sink and stove well. Sometimes the lamps in the hood are built for this, but point lamps in the lower part of the cabinets or on the wall next to the working area are better to cope with this role.

As a working lighting, it is good to use elongated lamps built under the shelves. In addition, for a kitchen without hinged cabinets, you can use autonomous lamps (ordinary wall models).Recently, lamps on clothespins have become popular and have become popular. Their advantage is that you can easily remove or hang them by simply removing the clothespin, moving it to another place. It’s not as difficult as it seems, but the effect will be amazing.

And, of course, remember the quality of the technique for lighting your beautiful cuisine. Choose lamps of only trusted companies with excellent reviews about their products. Then you will not have to regret the purchase made, and then destroy all the hanging and suspended structures to repair only one lamp. And it is desirable to make purchases in stores in which the seller is ready to provide you with any documents about the desired product.

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