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Choose plastic windows for giving

by dailymoney

Installing good plastic windows in a country house is a serious and responsible task. It is the windows that should give comfort and comfort to your home, but they must also provide it with perfect reliability and safety. More and more often, owners of summer cottages and cottages prefer to make a choice of windows from PVC, as they are really reliable, well retain heat, do not ignite or have self -coding properties, do not destroy from the effects of chemicals, steadily endure hail, snow, wind, serve for many years and, most importantly, harmless to humans.

The owner of the house independently selects glass for plastic windows. You can install safe (hardened) glass, as well as glass reflecting infrared rays, energy -saving, anti -vandal and other. You must order the installation of plastic windows to specialists. Make sure the reliability of the construction company that has a certificate for the installation of windows, place an order and contract. In every solid, self-respecting company, there must be a cashier machine, and in accordance with the legislation, the cashier is obliged to give you a control check instead of paying for services. Do not miss this important stage, otherwise you cannot confirm and prove all the complaints on the order and installation of windows and the installation of windows.

The order of plastic windows for a country house includes the development of the project in accordance with the exact dimensions of the window openings and takes into account all the wishes of the customer. The owner of the cottage or cottage has the opportunity to choose the window profile, glass thickness and its variety, the necessary accessories, window shape, design and color of the frames. Modern technologies allow you to install rectangular windows, square, round and even reminiscent of the arch. The size of the window can be any, including non -standard. Glass thickness usually corresponds to 70 mm. If you want your windows to have a high level of protection, order a triplex glass or glass with a special protective film, which protects from a blow.

If your house has an attic, a wide variety of designs are used to glance in it windows. Some – with horizontal opening, others – with vertical, with combined or generally motionless. To glare the window openings of the attic, it is also necessary to use the strongest glass with an increased level of protective function. You can install plastic windows in any color using lamination with a special decorative film. Now some summer house owners insert the windows “under the wood”. They look very respectable.

The choice of options for opening the wings is also left for you. You can dwell on the swing – when the wings turn vertically; suspended – the sash move horizontally up; folding – horizontally down; You can choose a rotary-oatmeal-the window sash moves around the horizontal and vertical medium axes; sliding – when the leaflets rotate in a horizontal position around and, finally, combined, in which various types of opening of the wings in one window are combined.

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