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Combination of materials in the fence

by dailymoney

Development and improvement of building materials allows you to create a variety of fences. And if earlier the main attention was drawn to the strength of the design and financial capabilities of the customer, then in the present days they are trying to get a combination of reliability, attractiveness and accessibility of the installation.

According to the established tradition, in the villages of the fence quite often made of one material. But, as practice has shown, it is most profitable to install combined fences. Their advantage is: a combination with landscape design; the possibility of transmitting an individual pattern, creating an exclusive pattern; high reliability; Savings during installation, further reducing the cost of replacing one of the details of the general fence.

Extensive experience in creating a variety of fences allows our company to conclude about the advantages of using a particular combination of materials:

The brick base and wooden sections are beneficial in terms of further prospects (fast replacement of rotten or broken areas of wood without affecting another part of the fence). Reliable support guarantees the durability of the design. For additional calm, you can use the alarm system and surveillance cameras located along the fence. But even the fence itself protects from curious views of both neighbors and possible travelers. And an increase in height may be the method of protection against illegal penetration.

The alternation of brick pillars and corrugated board is not so attractive compared to wooden inserts, but more practical. The minimum exposure to corrosion processes, the effects of weather conditions allows you to withstand a long service life. To give additional aesthetics, you can use the coating from a special multi -colored polymer.

The stone base (or poles) in combination with openwork elements of forged metal creates the most aesthetic image. Due to its airiness and imaginary lightness, such a fence allows you to adequately emphasize the beauty of the inner landscape, architectural structures and other elements of the site. To give monumentality and significance, you can increase the share of elements from stones. The cost of installing such a fence is usually slightly higher than the previous options, in the way, due to a longer service life and external beauty.

Many customers choose combined fences for giving because they can realize their imagination in them. Our experts can offer many variations of the best embodiment of a particular fence. A detailed study of the terrain (including buildings on the site planned plants) will allow you to find the perfect solution for each case. Our company takes into account the financial capabilities of the customer, offering decent options for fences of any design and shape within permissible price boundaries.

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