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Construction and finishing work in the country

by dailymoney

Natural stone is one of the very first building materials in the world that were used by man. Nowadays, interest in such a material does not weaken as a finishing. Stone decoration is most often found in interiors or lining of houses (external sections).

The interiors use a finishing stone for lining of floors or walls, as well as various fireplaces, columns, countertops or vases, and so on, the list is quite long. Even the most incredible things are found: both foot baths, and decorative frames for mirrors, or curly lamps, well, all that other place.

Among natural stones for decoration of facades, marble, granite, sandstone and other breeds are considered the most popular. Marble is considered delicate material. Only a few marble varieties are suitable for decoration of facades. Marble is distinguished by its durability, strength and incredible resistance to weather conditions. However, if marble is not monitored, then traces of mechanical damage will appear, there will be traces of mechanical damage. If the construction and decoration of a stone in the interior is used using marble, then you need to know that marble is sensitive to various acids and alkalis. If sand falls on it, then it can leave behind cracks, which can only be removed after the floor crossing.

Than the finish with a stone, attracts such a lot of attention? The first reason is incredible durability and excellent strength of the material, as well as resistance to various weather conditions. Each finishing stone has its own advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. Here, for example: rocks, depending on their origin, are divided into three different species – these are magmatic, sedimentary and volcanic, as well as metamorphic. Stone decoration, if it is created artificially, has many of its advantages. Decorative artificial stone can take any shape, and even any size. In addition, artificial stone takes any colors and shades. It is precisely for this that the finish by a stone of artificial origin is suitable for any work: both for external cladding and for internal interior finishes.

Interior stone finishing, for example, semi -delegal stones are very suitable. For example: diabase, onyx, lapis lazuli, opal, and others. Decorative advantages of each of the above minerals are considerable. Here, for example: onyx with some light -conductive properties that allow you to make a beautiful and unusual backlight. As well as baths that are made of onyx have very, many useful products, and also have bactericidal properties. If you want to make a finish with such a stone, be sure to contact professionals to choose the construction companies for these purposes is not difficult.

Each stone that is used to decorate the interiors or facades of buildings has its advantages, but it also has its drawbacks.

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