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Construction of country houses

by dailymoney

Some time ago, summer houses in our country were structures built only for seasonal residence. We all remember the features of such buildings – they almost never had a water supply and sewage system, and all the amenities came down only to the presence of a roof above the head. Modern summer cottage construction is fundamentally different technologies. Today, a country house is a cozy and comfortable dwelling in which you can be in summer and winter.

A separate conversation deserve projects of country houses. In companies engaged in construction, you can find various offers and choose the best option. The location of the windows, the placement of the garage, the presence of terraces or the attic – the country houses have gained individuality today. You will say that such construction is expensive? Not at all if we are talking about frame technology. At the same time, a shield house without a major overhaul will last about 100 years, which with an eye on its low price is very good.

So, inexpensive, but high -quality summer houses are a way out for everyone who needs aesthetically attractive, safe and reliable housing in the country without unnecessary expenses. There are simple shield structures designed for seasonal residence. Their cost is very small, but there are certain restrictions on the number of storeys and area. If you have enough buildings of two floors with a width of 6 meters, the shield house will be an ideal solution.

Such country houses are warm and good in general quality. The absence of serious monetary investments in combination with these moments makes shield structures especially attractive for the modern consumer. At the same time, even a small country house will be a good alternative to the apartment in a concrete house, as you can live in it all year round, subject to the installation of the heating system or after installing the fireplace. Natural materials (and shield houses are built of wood) provide environmental cleanliness of the dwelling.

In general, it is worth saying that modern shield houses are buildings erected from high -tech materials. There are no substances, harmful or, moreover, dangerous to humans,. Special processing increases the resistance of wood to decay and fire, insulation is also used non -combustible, which means that you may not worry about your own security. In this case, the impregnations are also made on the basis of safe ingredients and are not released into the air of toxic compounds. Thanks to their characteristics, the shield cottage houses have become popular throughout our country.

The geography of enterprises that produce shield cottage houses is extensive, in almost every region there are enterprises that accept orders for this type of designs. Projects of shield houses are usually typical, but with certain differences, so you can always find an option that is optimal for you, and at the same time the cost of a country house will remain low.

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