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Decorate the apartment cheap

by dailymoney

In order to feel in a city apartment (especially rented), as at home, you need to resort to certain tricks and tricks in the decor. The interior should have a feeling of home comfort and comfort. In this article, we want to talk about how to make the decor of the apartment without investing large cash.

Of course, you can always make a full repair and update the interior in accordance with your tastes. However, no matter what, a great influence will have how you decorate the room. Let’s look at the advice of designers who will help you save money for your room decor.


The most budgetary way to change the appearance of the walls is the use of photographs and own drawings. You can make a collage from improvised materials, pictures or even clippers from newspapers. The main task in such creativity is not to make the room too teenage. To do this, you should avoid large magazine posters of famous people and groups, and focus on the idea. Frames will give a more strict appearance to any type of similar creativity. You can hang on the wall the frame in a chaotic manner or make one large picture-collage.

If you decide to place your children on the walls or drawings of your children, as well as photographs, postcards or letters, then the cheapest and most beautiful option of the framework will be products from IKEA, especially for large work. Of course, part of the framework can be purchased in ordinary hypermarkets, but focus on the variety. For walls with a large number of photo frames, it is important to observe measured chaotic.

You can buy large canvases and paint them with your own drawings. Feel free to apply paint on the canvas – use simple strokes, blots and even create geometry using tape.


The kitchen can be decorated without buying any special decor. Organize kitchen accessories, put the kitchen utensils. You may need to buy several hooks, holders and simple shelves. But all this is not worth a lot of money, but in addition to decor, you will organize an easy access to all kitchen equipment.

Another form of decor in the kitchen is products. Lay out fruits, vegetables and snacks on vases and special containers. This will not only help create a lively color in the room, but will give you the opportunity to finally use souvenir dishes.

Buy beautiful towels for the kitchen and hang them on pens and holders. This will add bright notes of the decor and will help your family members hold their hands clean.


You can update furniture by just ordering new upholstery or tablecloths. In addition, you can independently paint interior items by creating something new and individual. On websites with ads, you can find used furniture that they give for a penny. If you are able to fix it and update its appearance, then you can get a good interior item for a penny.

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