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Decorating plastic windows

by dailymoney

The service life of plastic windows, as you know, is not small. Sometimes PVC frames can be operated for decades without requiring repair. It is natural that over such a long time the texture of the familiar window structure can be fed up, it will want to update it. That is why many are relevant for the decoration of plastic windows.

What manufacturers offer

Often, companies for the production and installation of plastic windows are offered to apply special films to their profile to the color of metal, stone, wood or skin. This, of course, will allocate window structures from the mass of their usual snow -white analogues, but it will not allow you to change the appearance of the windows at home over time.

Sometimes plastic windows before installation are deliberately painted with special paintwork, which is also interesting as an option to design openings. In this case, various creative experiments are possible in the future, but there are nuances.

For example, some companies in the production of designer colors assure that their products can be applied with a regular brush/roller. However, they do not guarantee a qualitative result in case of deviation from complex multi -stage technology. As a rule, independent application of paint does not bring the craftsmen the expected result. The maximum effect can be achieved only when applying the paintwork with professional equipment.

Decorating plastic windows with vinyl stickers

However, there are ways to change the traditional appearance of plastic windows and outside. As an option – the use of stickers from self -adhesive films (vinyl). In stores you can find a series of ready -made stickers painted with bright and unusual drawings. They are just designed to create various visual effects. Stickers with the image of cartoons and fairy -tale characters will fit well into the nursery, and abstract images on the window will look good in the kitchen.

The process of decorating windows with vinyl applications is not difficult: it is enough to clean the surface of the plastic from pollution, even better – degrease. The sticker is applied to the surface, smoothed with a soft cloth. The drawing is easily removed, does not leave stains, does not damage the frame.

Decoration with airbrush and stencils

Airbrushing is a rather complicated technique that it is desirable to use, already having some skills. We’ll have to stock up on the airbrush. With its help, paint will be applied to the surface of plastic windows.

It’s easier to paint the windows with stencils and aerosols. But it should be understood that without skills to achieve the desired effect will be difficult. In addition, you need to take into account some characteristics of models. For example, windows of individual manufacturers have a special beveled fold. It is intended to remove moisture. Falz may make it difficult to apply stencil patterns. In this case, it is desirable to use a flexible template that will repeat all the bends of the structure.

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