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Design of a wardrobe

by dailymoney

A wardrobe is a modern and convenient way to highlight the space for storing things so that it harmoniously fits into the interior. In addition, it can become a masterpiece that attracts attention to its design and decoration. The latter options are many, the newest materials adapt to designers for use as a highlight of wardrobes. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

The most budget option for the facade, which can be finished with a cabinet in a corridor intended for either a kitchen – chipboard or its modern counterpart MDF. At the same time, the doors will not necessarily look cheap, because you can combine several colors of the material on neighboring plates or even in the form of figure cuts.

The next most popular material is glass: transparent, matte, tinted, corrugated and smooth. Options for its use, both in the form of independent plates and inserts – many. Any drawing, even a photograph, very high quality and persistent to household chemicals, temperature changes and humidity can be applied to glass by sublimation printing.

About the mirror as an option to design the facades of the wardrobe, it is worth mentioning separately. It is often used as an independent version or in the form of inserts. The mirror is perfect for a cabinet in a bedroom or living room, a corridor – in those places where it takes at least from time to time to consider yourself in full growth. In addition to this functional load, the mirror will visually increase the room in which it is installed. This is a simple and inexpensive way to make a small -sized apartment or a small hallway slightly more spacious and lighter due to reflections of lamps.

Both mirror and glass surface can be processed in sandblasting technique. For applying the pattern, special equipment is required and the solid hand of the master is required. The made drawing resembles a foggy imprint on the surface. Despite his apparent tenderness, he is very racks and does not erase over time.

Choose as facades of the wardrobe fusing-small pieces of glass baked together using a special technology. Something they resemble stained glass, but the possibilities for creating an image in fusing are undoubtedly wider. Each work is unique and unique, it is impossible to predict with great accuracy how the same pieces of glass will ram at high temperatures.

Before you buy a corner compartment in a bedroom or hallway, highlight the prevailing style direction. The correctly selected cabinet will not look alien in the room, but only emphasize its style. It can be a vintage modern, modern high-tech, conservative classics, cozy Provence or a luxurious empire. Cabinets in these styles will help you choose in almost any company engaged in their manufacture.

If you have loved your interiors with love and attach great importance to their uniqueness, you can order the manufacture of a cabinet according to an individual sketch. To do this, you should choose the filling structures and facades that fully meet your requests.

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