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Details about building material – expanded clay

by dailymoney

Expanded clay, usually used to warm walls, roofs, floors and other parts of the building, turns out to be artificially. All -melting types of clay are burned in accelerated mode. In fact, this technology is not quite complicated and quite easy to understand, but meanwhile, you have to carefully adhere to this technology to obtain high -quality building material. The clay prepared using special technology is sharply subjected. Thanks to the hermetic shell, this is a very durable material that is not the effects of external factors, namely: snow, sun rays, low and warm temperatures. Allows you to maintain heat up to 75%. As a result, we have bulk material with a sealed shell, which is quite hardy and persistent to external influences. The strength of expanded clay is very similar to gravel, but differs from it with a slight weight explained by its porous structure.

As practice shows, expanded clay is great for insulation of buildings and structures at any stages of construction, both when laying the foundation and already in the process of direct operation. Due to its unique properties, expanded clay is used in all climatic zones, in the conditions of Russian climate and abroad. This is easily explained by all its positive properties, which include: high sound and thermal insulation, resistance to fire, water, frost and other chemically active compounds, its high strength and at the same time low weight, fairly low price and full environmental safety and others.

With the help of expanded clay, the floors are insulated, in Russian conditions it is relevant to warm the foundations with it, which reduces the depth of laying the latter. In addition to all this, with the help of expanded clay, you can easily insulate the roofs or walls. The use of such material has the greatest meaning in low -rise construction, t. to. In it, due to its loose structure, different rodents will not be started. D. Although they receive a stone artificially, its origin is completely natural (clay has passed thermal treatment), this is a significant plus, since those who are seriously concerned about the environmental purity of their housing can easily use expanded clay. This building material is in no way subject to combustion and does not drown in water, it will never rot and will definitely help you save heat in your house. The following factors are also important characteristics of such material: expanded clay does not deteriorate and does not rot, easily takes the shape you need and fills out any volume.

Our company is engaged in both the sale and the delivery of almost all building materials, and we will be happy to provide you with the right number of expanded clay at an amazingly low price.

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