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DIY living room decor

by dailymoney

When it comes to decorating housing, special attention is paid to the living room itself. The living room decor depends in many ways whether the room will delight loved ones, and what feeling will create for guests.

It is not necessary to create a brand new repair in order to update the environment, it is enough to choose several objects or objects, which will force to play the design of the fresh. For example, the same racks and shelves during a professional arrangement will be able to highlight the functionality of the design and successfully change uncomfortable cabinets.

On the shelves you can place each attributes, starting with photo frames, completing books in unique bindings. Replacing racks and niche shelves in living room design.

Even after the repair, you can easily make plasterboard niches, which are decorated with backlight, mirrors, they very often put shelves with already accessories and familiar photos. Even a TV can fit into a huge niche.

Actually, mirrors in the decoration of the living room are of particular importance. If, for example, these are mirrors in beautiful frames, then they will be able to highlight the image of the design, and if, for example, it is a huge mirror over the entire wall, then it will visually increase the room, make it spacious.

To make the room more comfortable, you can add a little greenery, as for fresh flowers, also unnatural ones, which usually look quit and do not form problems. Do not need to forget about textiles.

If, for example, the living room seems cool, then you can get it with the help of fresh curtains, slopes, soft carpet at the sofa, multi -colored sofa pillows. It’s time to hang on the walls of the picture and photographs, if for example, there were no before.

Even a brand new chandelier or lamp will become a component of the living room decor. Photos suggested on the website display the possibilities of decorating the room, even if there is no very large free money for this.

curtains and colored pillows in the decor of the living room, photo under number 1

Niche with shelves as a decorative component of the room, photography at number 2

Colored sofa pillows in the design, photo at number 3

Free flowers in the living room decor, photo at number 4

Pictures in the decoration of the living room, photography under number 5

Not a small picture – the main decoration component, photography under number 6

Photo cards, like a wall decoration, photography under number 7

Green soft carpet and decorative tree in the development of a warm environment, photo under number 8

Vinyl gluing to decorate the walls, photography under number 9

Gypsum cardboard niche with shelves – the main decoration component in the room, photography under number 10

Curtains that focus the image of the room, photography under number 11

Extraordinary lamps – a unique decoration of the living room, photo under number 12

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