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Domestic manufacturers of towels in Moscow

by dailymoney

There are heated towel rails in every apartment, but people usually buy them on some plumbing sites and choose foreign brands. In fact, foreign companies really have original and unusual products, but if you are not looking for complex design solutions, then you can find all the products you need on the sites of domestic factories, and much cheaper than on plumbing sites.

In cities throughout Russia, many manufacturers of heated towel rails, and modern factories produce both standard products, such as m-shaped structures or towel rails of the Leshenka type, as well as unusual towel rails of complex forms. Almost every plant has its own site on which all products are laid out, information about it, as well as information about production. You can directly order yourself a heated towel rail from any plant in your city.

For example, we will consider several factories in Moscow (there are much more of them than we listed in this article). All Russian manufacturers of towels can be conditionally divided into two categories:

Those who produce a large line of products of different designs

Those who produce only strict models (classic)

If you are not looking for complex designs and want a regular, cheap heated towel rail, then you need plant products like MZP Rhythm. An ordinary M-shaped water heated towel rail made of stainless steel at such a plant can cost about 2000 rubles, and the U-shaped water heated towel rails can be bought for 1000 rubles. The company has recently released new rhythm towels with slightly complicated structures (shelves, small curls, etc. P.).

There are factories in the assortment of which the expanded line of standard designs is presented, for example, the Dvin plant has the number of designs of a simple “ladder” almost as many letters in the alphabet. For such manufacturers, a classic heated towel rail can cost 1000 rubles, and luxury (for example, in the form of a flower) – 45 thousand rubles.

Enterprises like the Sunerzhi plant or the Terminus factory are developing collections based on their forms, but there are classic designs and strict designs in their lines.

When you choose a heated towel rail, rely not only on its design, but also on the materials and technology of its production (you also take into account the type of connection and some other makers, but this only affects the choice within the framework of several models, and not the choice of the manufacturer).

All heated towel rails are made of stainless steel (sometimes carbon steel). Most often, manufacturers choose steel 304 AISI (08x18N10, 304 L AISI – 03x18N11). This is the most universal type of stainless steel, it is also used in the food industry, for the production of tanks, in pharmaceutical sectors, etc. P. AISI 316 steel is an improved version of the AISI 304 steel (it is improved due to the addition of molybdenum, which makes it more resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and aggressive environments).

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