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Double -glazed windows – what’s the essence?

by dailymoney

The most important element of the window is the double -glazed window. Through glass, which takes 80 % of the window, heat is lost. For the correct installation of plastic windows, it is necessary to consider the types of double -glazed windows.

Window double -glazed windows with two glasses are considered single -chamber, and consisting of three glasses – two -chamber. The distance frame is filled with a absorption of a substance, thanks to which the glass does not sweat. Special resins make double -glazed windows airtight. Styles for double -glazed windows energy -saving, light transmitting, durable, different thicknesses and colors. For the optimal solution, you need to take into account the place where the house, floor, the sun entering the window, the sufficiency of heating, general design.

Window installation companies are component of packages in accordance with the expectations of customers. Types of double -glazed windows: single -chamber – these are two – glass bags, 24 mm or 32 mm thick, distance frame is 16mm or 24mm. These double -glazed windows are suitable for cool balconies.

Compared to wooden windows, plastic survivors of heat by 40% more, and noise is reduced by 28-32 dB. Two -chamber – three – glass packages, 28 mm thick, distance frame – 8mm. Maximum width 48 mm. Such a double -glazed window perfectly isolates noise and has high thermal conductivity, saving money. Heat loss when using such double-glazed windows decreases by 40-50%, so they are necessary for areas with severe frosts.

Windows with double -glazed windows reduce noise level by 40 dB.

Energy -saving double -glazed windows – low -emission glass (with a silver layer) is added to ordinary glass, reflecting the heat in the room, the loss of which decreases by 50%.

Windows with double -glazed windows are used in suburban poorly heated houses or cold apartments.

Multi functional double -glazed windows with spraying are both sunscreen and energy -saving. In summer, windows with such double -glazed windows are saved from the heat much stronger than two -chamber, while not shade of the room. In winter, heat is saved by 50%, saving money. Noise -insulating double -glazed windows are used for noisy areas with powerful traffic. Anturement or protective double -glazed windows with triplex glass are used for cars and windows. If the glass fastened by an anti -jacket film is broken, then it will not scatter into small pieces, which will protect the driver and passengers from injuries. Tinted double -glazed windows are used from the sunny side, for decorative purposes and to protect against prying eyes. Decorative double -glazed windows are used to create an individual style.

They are decorated with shweep (internal layout) of various shades.

The uniqueness of your windows will certainly be seen. There is a choice, it’s time to measure opportunities!

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