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Drywall – the best solution for walls, partitions, ceilings

by dailymoney

Not so long ago, when decorating the premises, we achieved the desired effect with gypsum and plaster. Today it seems strange – how do we still do without drywall. The ability to create various options for decorating interiors with numerous convex forms and niches gives unlimited scope for designers’ imagination. Drywall is especially suitable for the repair of residential premises, as it does not contain toxic impurities that have a harmful effect on human health. Thanks to the ability to “breathe”, it helps to maintain a balanced humidity and a healthy microclimate in the house.

The basis of drywall is gypsum, glued on both sides with a dense layer of paper. This paper serves as a reinforcing frame for a gypsum core, while it is an excellent surface for applying finishing materials. Drywall – the best base for pasting wallpaper. But the walls do not have to glue. They, for example, can be painted with water emulsion or oil paint. If drywall ceilings are made, they can simply be whitewashed.

When decorating walls, drywall sheets are usually attached to a pre -prepared frame of wooden rails or from a special metal profile. It should be remembered that when connecting individual sheets with each other, a 3-5 mm gap should remain to ensure high -quality masking seams with finish putty. However, before starting the repair, it should be taken into account that the desired success in wall decoration will be achieved only at the final stage. The more complicated the geometry of additional designs (arches, niches, shelves), the more attention it is necessary to pay the conjugation of all the faces with their subsequent alignment with fine -grained putty.

So, drywall can be called universal building material that has no equal efficiency in the decoration of walls and ceilings. With its help, you can build additional partitions without the use of other labor -intensive materials (brick, building blocks). Any communications, whether it is electrical wiring or water pipes, can be hidden under a plasterboard structure finished under the interior.

Everyone who has ever made apartments in Kyiv using drywall have probably managed to evaluate the technological properties of this material. With relatively small weight, sheets are easily cut without noise and dust. The decoration process itself occurs quickly and with lower labor costs. And if, after building a house or during a major overhaul, the question arose of how to arrange the internal walls, then the best material than this material, perhaps, cannot be found.

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