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Electric Project of the apartment (energy project) and its coordination

by dailymoney

When the redevelopment of the apartment is planned, or the construction of a new house is under construction, a mass of documentation in various instances is always agreed upon. You have to receive dozens of different certificates, provide officials with many sketches, design developments. In order for the coordination of all the papers to be smooth, it is recommended to attract specialists to the work, otherwise the amendments and alterations cannot be avoided.

Most often, adjustments are required by the power supply project. First of all, the customer must understand what kind of document it is, and why it is needed. It is difficult for a modern person to imagine his life without electricity. At a minimum, we need light, the presence of a refrigerator, and the rest of the devices will not hurt. Each of us needs a lot of sockets, switches, without electronics, life does not seem comfortable. If you plan to use devices that consume a fairly large amount of electricity, then you cannot do without additional reinforced lines.

Everything that you do in an apartment or house with electricity should be recorded in the relevant documentation. Otherwise, when conducting an audit, you are at least await serious fines. As a rule, the main organization that checks the correctness of the work of your energy system is firefighters. Despite the fact that it is necessary to coordinate the power supply project, in fact, only with them and with power engineers, this task is not easy. The minimum that awaits you is a loss of time, even if you just need an additional line for the washing machine.

To minimize the risks associated with refusal, as well as save your own nerves and save time, contact specialized companies. Not only will they help you develop an electric project, but they will also provide real assistance in agreement. When choosing such an organization, the main thing that you need to take into account is the presence of a license, otherwise the project compiled for you will not have any legal force. However, today it is rarely possible to find firms involved in the preparation of such projects without knowledge, experience and resolution.

After the electrical design of the apartment is compiled, it should be attributed to the office, which is engaged in electricity (energy -sales or other organizations, depending on the city and the region). After coordination with this organization, the final stage occurs, which may become the longest.

The existing energy project is checked for compliance with all kinds of GOST standards. Only in the case of proper and correct compilation is it possible to obtain permission, and therefore we again mention specialists – without them to pass the procedure for obtaining permission is almost impossible. As soon as the approval is received, the estimate is carried out and, in fact, the installation of the energy system of your apartment, and you can enjoy a comfortable life surrounded by the electrical appliances you need.

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