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Entrance under control!

by dailymoney

In recent years, cottage villages and country houses have become increasingly popular. People are tired of the frantic rhythm of the life of large cities and strive to move to a permanent place of residence for the city. Because of this trend in the market, there was a great demand for integrated security systems. And this is not surprising, because modern houses and cottages are furnished with expensive furniture and equipped with numerous equipment, which must be protected from encroachments from outside. To ensure the inviolability of their property and their own calm, residents of country houses and cottages are installed on the areas and in the premises of the security alarm system and the access control system.

To protect their property, residents of country houses and cottages, can install a security alarm system in the room. When trying unauthorized access, the appropriate signal enters the panel of the security company or police. The operational group usually reacts very quickly and arrives at the crime scene. The main thing is that the hosts turn off the alarm in time when returning home, otherwise, one cannot avoid an unpleasant conversation with the head of the operational group, and sometimes a fine.

The security alarm system can be supplemented with a video surveillance system that will work when the alarm is turned on and will fix all the movements around the house. Subsequently, these entries can do a good service.

The video surveillance system can be installed not only in the room, but also around the entire perimeter of the site. In this case, it will serve as an addition to the access control system and record movements not only around the house, but throughout the surrounding area.

A high -quality access control system will protect the owners of the cottage from uninvited guests and various kinds of distributors.

First of all, it is necessary to install a solid gate. What exactly will they be – swing, lifting and sectional – It does not matter much. Here we are talking more about aesthetics, although, recently, sectional gates are most popular. They can be installed in any conditions, convenient to use and control.

So that you do not have to leave the car to open the gate every time, it is advisable to install an automatic control unit on them. Thus, you can open and open the gate with one click on the button on a special keychain. Other gate management options: the use of a magnetic card or remote control located in the house.

The gate must also be equipped with a high -quality lock and doors closer so that it is always in a closed state. Near the gate there should be a surveillance camera or video intercom so that the hosts have the opportunity, without leaving home to find out who is currently near their territory.

The above are described by individual components that help to ensure the protection of country houses and cottages. Usually all these systems are mounted as one whole integrated security system.

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