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Environmental characteristics of modern concrete factories

by dailymoney

The problems of the environmental safety of modern concrete industries, or more correctly, it is more correct – is familiar with a small circle of specialists associated with the industries themselves and people, in one way or another, encountering this problem. Nevertheless, the entire chain of the production of concrete and products from it, starting from the production of cement and other components according to the degree of environmental pollution, are one of the leaders.

Environmental use and ecology in the conditions of industrial boom has become one of the most urgent problems of the modern world. This topic also considers the problem of environmental pollution by enterprises of the industrial industry producing commodity concrete. Not all manufacturers care about sanitary and epidemiological norms and standards care about sanitary and epidemiological norms.

Many leading companies that produce concrete mixing equipment, wanting to solve the “environmental” issue, develop new technological solutions based on changing the process of mixtures. But, however, not all enterprises are concerned about the replacement of production lines.

Elkon concrete plants include the best world developments used in construction equipment. Elkon produces concrete mixing installations (BSU), during the development of which environmental indicators are provided. The factory also applies the technology for control over production.

Concrete mixers with a filtering system, the use of the Italian manufacturer WAM in cement warehouses and the loading and dosing lines of cement, the presence of air conditioners – allow to significantly reduce dust discharge into the atmosphere and provide comfortable conditions for the work of personnel serving concrete equipment. Elkon concrete mixing plants are characterized by low power consumed and high performance, due to which small heat transfer is achieved.

When designing a concrete plant, such a complex of multidirectional technological solutions allows you to maximize the level of dusty air dust. All of the above allows us to conclude that even a concrete mortar node (RBU) can be safe from an environmental point of view. The technological approach is important, and the development of production quality management. This is confirmed by stationary concrete plants, concrete mini-plants and mobile concrete plants of the Elkomix and Elkon Mobil Master series, which, in turn, meet the strict European requirements for the COM-II ecology, as well as the legislative acts of the Russian Federation: the Federal Law ” On environmental protection “from 10.01.2002. No. 7-ФЗ, Federal Law “On the Protection of Atmospheric Air” from 04.05.1999. No. 96-ФЗ and relevant regulatory documents.

Elkon company – the sale of turnkey concrete plants.

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