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Extra lock on the door

by dailymoney

There are a huge number of complex locking systems for the front door. However, we think that you lack another castle, which is simpler and, sometimes more reliable. There are such a penny locks, and amenities will be added to your home by a million. Today we will talk about these simple locks that can be used as additional elements for your front door.

To feel comfortable in our home, we turn to the company that manufacture metal doors, install serious locks and other systems on them that give spiritual calm and a sense of safety. But even for such a compound-long door, as well as even for a simple wooden door, additional convenience can give a small, simple castle for a low price. There are several options.

Castles on the chain

If you want a simple lock to install, then the lock on the chain will suit you. This is one of the simplest type of autonomous hinged lock, which consists of two parts – a chain that is attached to the door frame and the base installed on the door leaf. When the door is closed, the chain can be inserted into the base, and then certain sentiments, the door will not be opened. Such a castle is convenient for security – you can, without letting anyone into the house, take the envelope or chat with the courier. If the door often opens the door, then such a castle will also be an excellent solution so that the stranger could not enter. At the same time, while you are at home, you do not need to use the main lock, you may well leave the door in this position if your territory on the stairwell is already protected by a common door, and you trust your neighbors.

Castle latch

You probably saw locks-clips, but never considered them as an opportunity to use on your door. They, as well as locks on the chain, allow you to slightly open the door to see who is behind it. However, the distance for opening the door is not so large and the system works only on the door, which opens inside.

Castle with a pushing bolt

You often see such locks in inexpensive hotels. This is a fairly simple installation, although it does not allow you to see who is behind the door. Such a castle in different versions can be installed on the front door so as not to use the main lock while you are in the apartment.

No matter what option you choose, setting it, do not damage the door. All the above types of locks are screwed directly on the door and door frame, so they require special attention. As a rule, such locks are not installed on the door as an independent version, but are an addition to a more complex lock. The administration of the Project Rostra portal seems that the most interesting and useful option may be a castle with a chain. Your thoughts on this occasion, please leave in the comments.

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