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Features of carousel doors and their operation rules

by dailymoney

Carousel doors, also known under the term “revolver”, have a stylish and elegant structure. They are best suited for organizing the entrance to the premises with high patency. Distinctive features of carousel doors are high throughput, durability, good tightness. Such doors effectively protect the room from street noise and drafts, and their design can significantly reduce thermal losses. The unique characteristics of carousel doors allow you to do without a vestibule.

The design of the doors provides for the presence of an electronic system that controls their performance. Built -in sensors, radars, alarm systems provide reliability of door operation.

Professional installation of carousel doors guarantees stability and safety of their work. Several degrees of protection provide such reliability of the design that even voltage surges are not able to disable its electronic filling.

It must always be remembered that the doors are the hallmark of the building. The overall impression of the company or organization depends on the appearance of the doors and the condition of all structural elements. For professional maintenance of the input group, it is necessary to have specific knowledge and skills. Automatic carousel structures are so complex that their maintenance should begin in the first year of operation. Typically, the manufacturer of such doors provides two years of warranty service. It is recommended to conduct regular inspection, which will allow you to detect problems in time and thereby prevent the breakdown of expensive details. Sometimes a small component, failed and not detected on time, can cause a serious breakdown. It should be borne in mind that in winter the risk of failure of automatic doors increases significantly.

Features of service

Planned service provides for diagnosis, replacement or repair of faulty parts, checking the work of the most important components.

There are rubbing details in any door that can be lubricated precisely during the planned inspection process. It is advisable to use frost -resistant lubricants, because at night no one opens the door, as a result, the grease freezes and turns into an abrasive.

Carousel doors have reliable electronics, however, in the conditions of our frosty winters, electronic boards are exposed to condensate. Despite the fact that all microcircuits are protected by varnish, still somewhere there may occur. The simplest way to deal with condensate is wiping a dry rag during a planned examination.

If service is not carried out in a timely manner, then there is a great probability of unexpected breakdowns. The broken carousel door cannot be fixed quickly, so neglect of the regular inspection of the design may lead to a violation of the functioning of the entire building.

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