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Features of designing apartment buildings.

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Today, construction companies are erecting not just apartment buildings, but whole residential complexes, implying the availability of shopping and entertainment zones, recreation areas and car parking, so that a comprehensive approach to work is simply needed here.

Design options

First of all, they must comply with the requirements of all norms and standards. Literally everything is taken into account here – the location of the building and the materials that were used for construction, seismic resistance, the type of foundation (it should be selected according to the characteristics of the soil), the construction of the concomitant rooms.

There are several options for the implementation of the project. You can order the design of apartment buildings of the so -called free type. In fact, the new tenant gets a large empty box where he spreads the inner walls by his view. Such houses today are particularly popular, since there is no need to carry out global redevelopment for the demolition of the walls and the arrangement of additional doorways to connect one room with another.

If this option does not suit you, then you can order a typical project of an apartment building. Here, each room is isolated, and the residents will remain to do the interior decoration of the purchased apartment to their liking.

Material for the construction of apartment buildings

The most popular today is the design of brick houses, monolithic and panel. Each of them has a number of advantages that allow you to create buildings suitable for the lives of hundreds of people at the same time.

The construction of brick buildings is considered the most expensive, and today apartment buildings are practically not erected from this material. And in vain, since the brick is durable, does not absorb moisture. The classic one, which does not maintain heat, has come to replace it. He is frosted and perfectly holds the heat of the room. Not to mention the fact that the weight of the finished structure will be small enough so that you do not have to fill in a heavy foundation.

Monolithic construction is now gaining momentum. Due to the fact that the walls are elevated from ordinary concrete in a short period of time right at the construction site, you can design any architectural solutions. Decorative elements in the form of tower or just a straight wall, all this is easily feasible.

A special technology with a monolithic structure allows you to build absolutely any number of storeys in a short time.

Panel construction requires mandatory presence at the construction sites of heavy equipment. The process itself resembles the assembly of the building from large parts that are assembled at the factory and only then are delivered to the destination. This method of construction makes a low final cost of housing, which allows you to sell apartments in a record short time.

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