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Features of stretch ceilings Tips for repair and construction

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Stretch ceilings have become very popular in recent decades. These are high -quality constructions that retain their original appearance for a long time, fit into any interior. They help protect the rooms from flooding and leaks. Stretch ceilings have good thermal insulation, can prevent condensate. With their help, you can hide communications.

The modern construction market offers a large assortment of ceilings, different in color, material, texture and design. Stretch structures can be installed in any room (residential and non -residential).

The fabric ceiling is suitable for large areas. It has a width of up to 5 m, which provides a minimum number of seams and high strength of the canvas. Such a ceiling withstands the temperature in the range from -50 ° C to +50 ° C. They can be installed even in unheated rooms. The main drawback of the fabric ceiling is that it must be replaced with flooding and after some time of use.

Stretch ceiling from PVC film, unlike tissue structures, durable and durable. When flooding, it withstands up to 80 liters per 1 sq. m. After that, it does not need to be replaced and dismantled. PVC ceiling is easy to care for: it is washed with soap water. The only negative is the pungent smell during installation and ease of damage by any acute objects. It is necessary to mount such a ceiling in accordance with the technological rules and using specialists. When operating ceilings from PVC film, one condition must be observed: the temperature in the room should not exceed +60 ° C.

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If in the room in which they are going to install a stretch ceiling, they will glue the wallpaper or putty, then these works need to be carried out four days before the installation of the ceilings. From the room it is necessary to remove all objects that do not tolerate high temperature. Before starting the installation of ceilings, it is necessary to finish all the work related to electricity. All building materials must be reliably fixed on the ceiling. A convenient working environment is created in the room, access to the walls should be provided around the perimeter

Very often stretch ceilings are chosen in accordance with the interior style. In this case, the ceiling is part of the design, and there should be a special approach to color and texture. For example, when choosing a glossy ceiling, it must be remembered that it will mirror all the items in the room, so you need to think about the corresponding design of the room. Such a stretch structure does not have the same lightness, so the room may seem darkened, small and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best to choose the ceilings of just a white shade, the room from this will only be lighter and more pleasant for perception.

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