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Filters: the first line of defense in the air conditioning system

by dailymoney

When it comes to air conditioners, you need to repeat as a mantra that filters are the first line of defense in the air conditioning system. It is the air conditioning filter that is the most important protective component on the basis of which your ventilation device is built. They increase the service life of the air conditioner, keeping it with a clean. The filters for ventilation and air conditioning will be discussed in this article.

Regular maintenance of ventilation systems, if you have one, provides for the replacement of filters. Depending on the model of the device and the frequency of its use, the filter must be changed or cleaned once a month or once every three months. As a rule, the only reliable way to find out if time has come to change the filter is to check it regularly. If the filter is covered with a thick layer of dust, then the time has come either to wash it or install a new filter in the air conditioner.

The clogged filter does not make any benefit to you or your air conditioner. It can ruin the equipment and lead to an increase in the amount for the spent electricity, since the device is harder to work with such a dirty “parasite”.

When buying a filter in air conditioning, it is important to know about your options. Manufacturers usually indicate which filters are suitable for the device, but see all the options for a specific model. On the Internet or in specializing in ventilation systems, the company can suggest more options.

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Fiberglass filters – this is a budget option for 30 days. But do not let him linger in the device for too long, as it clogs very quickly and its extracks will use more harm than benefit than benefits.

Electrostatic filters are also disposable and require monthly replacement. Manufacturers assure that an electrostatic charge in them collects more dust and substances from the air. Suitable for people with breathing problems, such as asthma, as well as allergies.

Electronic filters need to be maintained and they can be cleaned for reuse. Thus, such filters can be bought once and simply washed in the process.

There are other filters for air conditioners. Lysol and non -filters that, according to statements, work miracles, reducing the number of bacteria and microparticles in the air. There are filters with active coal to keep the smells in your house.

Portal Projectra advises attentive to the choice of filters to air conditioners. Leave your reviews about air conditioning filters in the comments. We also expect tips from you about which filters are best suited to air conditioners of different brands.

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