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For those who want to enter the SRO

by dailymoney

SRO, is a non -profit self -regulatory structure created entirely in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, which combines entrepreneurship subjects according to unity based on the sale of goods, types of professional activities, as well as unity of production. The paramount tasks of this type of organizations include:-Formation and implementation of a set of requirements to all members of the organization; -And the resolution of conflict situations by the organization and customers the creation of arbitration courts-disciplinary norms of impact on their members of the organization; -Ites of members of the organization in the help of authorities and regulatory authorities;-monitoring the work of participants in the organization;

-Publications in the media about the work of SRO.

-Organization of certification on a professional basis and education of workers.

-Issuance of certificates of goods and services produced.

SRO is dynamically included in the economy of the Russian Federation. Since 2010, in addition to the usual construction license, the tolerances of the SRO are used to carry out most of the construction work. It was often possible to hear the words “I want to enter the SRO” by the prerequisites for the SRO in construction, according to the current standards of the Town Planning Code, are: norms aimed at preventing moral and material damage, threatening to human health, damage to property due to poor -quality construction work performed by members of SR , as well as the fact that all the construction work should be of high quality. Construction admission is issued to the employee, only after his application considers the commission and checks all the documents of the company for compliance with the law. Benefits of SRO: -It state. It was much more difficult to get a license than now admission of SRO;-CRO have the right to publish their norms in the market separately from the state;-all the controversial situations decide the arbitration courts. There is a special fund to compensate for harm to third parties, where all SROs make a mandatory membership fee, investors pay attention to this.

In order to enter the SRO it is necessary: ​​in general, the introduction looks like this:

-Determine the type of activity (exquisite, design, construction, etc. D.);

-Decide on the state and the amount of the contribution to the compensation fund;

-Paperwork and submission of documents;

-Civil liability insurance in case of damage to other persons. After that, the documents are submitted to the control SRO, then, if he gives the good, a certificate of admission is issued, and payment takes place. The price of the issue depends on the type of SRO. For a fee, you have the possibility of urgent paperwork.

For the quick entry of your company in the SRO, such documents are needed:

Originals: -Dear of the entry-copy of notarized:

-Certificate of UAH.

-Certificate of state registration of the enterprise.

Foreign companies will need a translation certified by a notary.

-Certificate for the registration of the IMNS (assignment of TIN).-Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

-Information letter of statistics and the charter of the enterprise.

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