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Decorate the kitchen, give it comfort, originality and individuality today can not only new furniture and beautiful curtains.

Glass glass apron

To bring something new to the interior, the original can only be made by making an apron for the kitchen made of glass. The apron can be made of transparent or tinted glass, it can be just a mirror surface. Of course, such glass is subjected to special heat treatment and has increased strength (hardened glass).

Let’s see what options for the aprons can be represented by the MFZ company, and what materials are made of. So, let’s get down.

Budget option – Apron for the kitchen

The surface in the kitchen can be decorated with a tempered glass apron. A film is glued to his left side. Quite an economical option, but has one minus – such a apron will not last long. During operation, the film is exposed to moisture, temperature and does not look as aesthetic as we would like.

UV printing technology

Decoration of the apron for a kitchen made of glass with various drawings, images, patterns using ultraviolet printing technology (UV printing). To date, the aprons made using such a technology are of great interest and are in great demand among customers.

A combination of reliability and elegance.

If you are quite pragmatic, but at the same time a romantic nature, you can come to the kitchen a apron made of glass under the name triplex. This is a multi -layer material that has undergone special processing containing two layers of protection inside. It will be interesting and unusual to look an apron on the kitchen made of glass – triplex with the addition of decor elements. It can be anything: grass, coffee grains, leaves of unusual plants, sea shells. Playing with different materials, choosing and fantasizing, you can create an ideal kitchen with an original design made according to your project.

Creative cuisine – it’s simple

It is possible to use the original material for decorating the apron – Mirror glass. It is safely combined with panels of various colors, they can be matte and glossy. To realize your most unusual ideas is simple – using the application of a volumetric 3D glass on the back of the glass–drawing. The image is also applied to the surface of the wall. By installing the backlight, you will receive not only a unique design, but also a fantastic world embodied in your kitchen.

The fragility of the material – common misconception.

Apron for the kitchen made of glass only at first glance seems fragile and unreliable. Aprons are made, as mentioned above, from glass that has passed special processing (hardened) or from multi -layer (triplex). Thus, the aprons of glass for the kitchen of the MFZ company are not only safe and reliable, but of course original, spectacular and designer.

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