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Hand -handed stacks

by dailymoney

Hand -headed stacks are a portable cart or vehicle equipped with a special device for lifting and installing goods one on another (stacking). With the help of stacks, you can also transport goods within one warehouse, take them to the packaging workshop or move to a truck or export it from it (that is, loading and unloading of trucks).

Among all types of stacks, manual hydraulic models are cheaper, but a manual stack is based not only on the hydraulic forces of the device, but also on the capabilities of the operator. There are manual stacks with an electric lifting (the operator moves them, but the car lifts the car). Hydraulic trolleys are the cheaper, although they differ from hydraulic stacks and are sold separately (but still they are a subspecies).

Any manual stack suggests that the warehouse employee follows him (leading them from behind, like a cart). The height of the lifting of a hand -stack, as a rule, is not very large – 2 meters (sometimes higher, but due to the ability to lift it to a height, the possibility of lifting great weight can be reduced).

Stablers are warehouse equipment. Their main purpose is the storage of pallets one on another. Staffing allows you to save a place in the warehouse, so the described type of equipment is in special demand among managers and warehouse workers. But manual stacks buy, as a rule, exclusively for small warehouses or for tasks, where more complex equipment, such as loaders or self -propelled stacks are not needed.

The capabilities of manual stacks are quite large, but still warehouse fork loaders will be able to more (self -propelled and electric stacks are capable of more, in comparison with hydraulic stacks, but not all models). The average manual stack raises the load to a height of 1.7 meters or 2.5 meters. The weight of the cargo varies from 450 kg to 1.6 tons. Some manual stacks have more opportunities, but this is not the norm.

Hydraulic carts (roofs, rocles, warehouse carts) are also the type of manual stack (the simplest and cheapest), although they are sold in separate categories. They, like staff, use raising heavy cargoes. With their help, you can load trucks or unload the goods from containers. Pallets with cargo can be quickly moved from one storage location to another.

Each manufacturer has its own range of stacks. All models within the framework of a particular category of stacks (manual hydraulic, self -propelled or electric) vary depending on their capabilities.

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