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Hand saws on concrete: options and manufacturers

by dailymoney

Are you a homeowner, general contractor or repair specialist in the workshop, you always need this or that equipment to perform certain work. On the market you will find a lot of tool manufacturers and equipment for construction work.

Prices for high -quality construction equipment, including diamond equipment, can be quite high. However, a number of companies, for example, offer its sale on credit, which is very convenient not only by construction organizations, but also to private individuals.

Concrete cutting systems include a number of saws of different functionality. In this category, in this category, Husqvarna, Mk Diamond, Partner, Makita, Wacker, Stihl, Multique Dewalt, Core Cut, ICS and Imer are especially popular. Among the manual tools, equipment that create openings in the wall of small thickness. These are gas tapes (gasoline saws for cutting concrete), which are characterized by power and portable. There are also electric saws for concrete, as well as hydraulic saws. In this article we will talk about all three options.

Hand gasoline saws on concrete are mainly convenient due to the ability to work anywhere, without reference to the mains, except for the work indoors. Models can be chain or disk. When working with benzores, it is worth considering many features, including the inability to use a saw without a break with dry cut equipment for more than half a minute to avoid damage to the disk. There are other features, they should be studied separately.

Hand electric saws for cutting concrete are usually divided into two types – chain and saber. Such models have a blade (which can be changed). This blade makes cutting with the help of reciprocating movements. The tool receives energy from a simple outlet or battery. The battery equalizes such a saw with a gasoline variation of the place of work and the ability to work in removal from electricity, but the batteries have not enough for a long time. Depending on the manufacturers, convenience and functionality of prices for electric saws for cutting concrete, can vary greatly. The Portal Project Rod does not advise purchasing very cheap models if you want to use the saw more than a couple of times. If you buy a saw for the company, it is better to purchase high -quality products of a good brand, which will be equipped with additional functions, such as reducing the heating of the chain and so on.

Hydraulic saws for cutting concrete are chain and disk models. Unlike electric and gasoline saws, hydraulic saws on concrete are most powerful in work. The models of this segment are more expensive, and it is worth buying products from market leaders (we listed them in the second paragraph of the article, and special attention can be paid to ICS).

Portal Project Rodisty wishes you and your company successful equipment purchases. Leave your reviews about manufacturers and hand -saw models on concrete in the comments.

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