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Home construction. At what stage to install the windows? (Part 1)

by dailymoney

In the process of erecting buildings, there is a certain procedure for performing certain works, including the installation of windows. However, during the construction of private houses, the owners or contractors very often neglect this order, setting the windows into the walls of any decoration. As a rule, this is done in order to be able to perform internal finishing work in the winter season. This is the wrong path that can be fraught with many unpleasant phenomena.

According to the experts of Rehau Partner, the most optimal stage for installing windows is the time when drying the internal plaster and screed is completed. However, if the project provides for the presence of an external thermal insulation layer, then window structures must be installed before its laying. This sequence will make it possible to ensure maximum tightness of the seams. As for the windows from an array of wood, excess humidity can lead to the destruction of the frame and the occurrence of corrosion phenomenon on the elements of accessories.

Of course, the ideal time of year to carry out construction and finishing work is summer when moisture has practically no chance to accumulate even in the most predisposed places for this. But it often develops so that some work has to be done in the cold season. As for the installation of PVC windows, during the installation process it is worth remembering that the winter mounting foam can be used to seal joints at temperatures at least 10 degrees. Therefore, if there is a severe frost on the street, it is better to wait for warming. Yes, and on polyvinyl chloride, of which they are made of windows, can become fragile when exposed to too low temperatures. Wooden windows are not recommended in the cold season at all.

Rehaupartner professional installers advise in the summer working related to moisture release after installing windows. To do this, it is only necessary to equip the installed window systems with a special protective screen, which prevent them from pollution by building mixtures, dust and t. P. Some internal finishing work can be transferred to the winter time with already installed windows. In this case, it is necessary to apply plaster on the slopes of the corners, as well as protect the seams from moisture penetration as much as possible.

If the work on the decoration of the interior is carried out in the warm time, then the slopes and angles are plastered in the last turn. First, they allow the plastered walls to dry. Then the window frames are mounted. And only after that they are taken for slopes. This procedure for performing work is especially relevant in cases where wooden windows are installed, which are very afraid of excess moisture.

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