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House insulation from moisture. Some developers, trying to save on waterproofing, encounter in the future, with problems. Poor waterproofing or its complete absence, lead to moisturizing the walls and their gradual destruction. High humidity, can contribute to the formation of fungi and the emergence of insects. In particular, this is unacceptable for frame and wooden houses, where the lower binder quickly rots. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to lay waterproofing from a durable cement solution, glass insulus or roofing material, between the basement and the wall. If the budget allows, then the external parts of the foundation that will be under the ground can be covered with bitumen mastic, which can be prepared very easily, right at the construction site.

When installing castings around the perimeter of the structure, it should be borne in mind that the level of melt and rainwater may be understood above the blind. Therefore, the upper part of the base should rise above the mark of the blind area, about 300 millimeters. In addition, the blind area should be made from waterproof materials. More often, for this purpose, concrete is used. In order for the blind area to perform its functions and removes water from the foundation, it must be repaired in time, because the cracks appearing, contribute to the penetration of water to the main foundation.

Ventilation and vapor barrier of the structure. Some, not too experienced developers, think that the source of water immediately behind groundwater is rain and other precipitation. But this is completely wrong. In fact, the second source of water on the walls of the house is people living in it.

The air exhaled by people contains a decent amount of water, which, with poor ventilation, is necessarily absorbed into the ceiling and walls. To remove moisture from the house, you need to provide good ventilation. In addition, vapor barrier materials are certain.

In most cases, this is a vapor barrier film. To prevent water on the outer walls, it is unacceptable to install such protective materials, directly on the walls. If siding or plastic is used as an external finish, you need to provide ventilation channels between the wall and the external decoration. For sufficient ventilation, from the inside of the house it is necessary to provide for the possibility of ventilation, using windows and windows, as well as with exhaust ventilation, forced and natural type.

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