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How profitable to hand over residential real estate

by dailymoney

Holders of residential property to receive additional income often decide to rent it out.

And here there are many questions: at what price to take? On what period? How to find suitable tenants?

When viewing the statistics of real estate delivery, the following information can be found:

The price of real estate increases from August to November, since the main housing has been delivered, and there is still demand. Students, as a rule, try to find acceptable housing for themselves in the summer.

Reducing residential prices is observed from spring to August. At this time, many go on vacation, to the cottage and try to rent housing more profitably.

On the site you can familiarize yourself with the basic issues of delivery of residential real estate, as well as use the services of specialists in this field. Now let’s look at what the price of the property that is delivered is made of.

Education of prices for submitted residential real estate

one. The main factors.

The price of the rented housing depends on many factors. This is the number of storeys and the area in which the real estate is located. The number of rooms, communications, repair play a paramount role in the formation of prices. It is important to the presence of furniture, household appliances, a stationary phone.

2. Additional factors.

These include the presence of a parking lot near the house, shops, pharmacies, bus stop. Additional advantages will also be the presence of an intercom, an elevator. If tenants with children, then the playground is an important factor affecting the price of the property under.

How to find suitable tenants?

There are several options for searching for those who want to rent housing. It is best to hand over residential real estate, of course, to acquaintances or on the recommendation. If these are reliable people, then there will be no problems. However, different circumstances happen – a deterioration in the financial situation of residents, unforeseen expenses. This may affect regular payment of housing, and, accordingly, the relationship between the owners and the tenants.

You can find tenants on an ad. In this case, there is a risk of damage to property and untimely payment of utility bills. The provision of a well -drawn -in agreement will save the provision of all the nuances of cooperation between the owner of the apartment and the tenant will be reflected.

One of the best ways to rent housing is to entrust the search for residents of the real estate agency. In this case, the price is stipulated with the expert. The agency is engaged in the selection of suitable candidates. If the owners of housing and future residents are satisfied with everything, then a contract is drawn up, on the basis of which both parties may be calm subject to the conditions. As a rule, the services of the housing selection are paid by the tenant.

It can be concluded – it is quite possible to hand over residential real estate if you know some subtleties and carefully plan your actions.

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