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How the door market is experiencing a crisis

by dailymoney

To date, the door market has a wide range. Companies selling this type of product occupied a strong niche, the size and stability of which depends on some factors. Namely:

* long experience in this sector;

* the presence of their production base;

* the ability to buy raw materials at competitive prices;

* Work on the material and components of the domestic manufacturer.

However, the crisis made its adjustments here. In pre -crisis times, this market, due to some reasons, was not fully saturated. Among them can be highlighted:

* increase in the number of thefts with hacking;

* Development and unification of GOSTs;

* Optimal prices for steel and metal structures.

Areas remote from the central, and not having an extensive network of dealerships of popular high -quality manufacturers, usually buy Chinese -made doors. Suppliers of this country, at the very beginning of the development of the market in the CIS countries, tried to present a wide range of doors of different types: from input metal to interior venerable. But the low quality of the materials used for the doors and the discrepancy between the safety requirements led to a significant decrease in demand for Chinese doors of the minimum price segment. The main buyers of these doors were remote areas of the Far East and the regions of Siberia. Also Chinese doors are equipped with social real estate apartments.

Given analytical forecasts, in the next 10-12 years, the doors market in the CIS countries will develop in Italian likeness. Its distinctive feature can be called the concentration of production in several factories, with the organization of an extensive dealer grid.

The global economic crisis made adjustments to the process of developing this market in the CIS. A sharp and tangible decrease in the income of potential buyers, a decrease in the investment attractiveness of the construction segment led to a drop in demand on the door. Another factor in its decrease was a temporary increase in door prices in October and December 2008. It was associated with an increase in steel prices. And the binding of the dollar and the euro to the cost of these products served, according to economists, an additional negative factor. If such a situation with the doors of imported production justified itself, then in the domestic market this led to a decrease in the profitability of work and a drop in demand.

Today, the main consumers of the doors market are:

* restored and restored dwellings;

* objects of commercial real estate and social housing construction.

The standard of living of the population has recently been gradually increasing, returning to a pre -crisis state. This makes it possible to talk about stabilizing demand for metal doors and that the fall will stop in this market segment in the near future, and confident growth will begin.

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