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How to choose a wardrobe for your interior?

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For a long time, the days have passed when the apartments and houses were fashionable to force massive furniture. Today, huge sideboard and polished walls have successfully replaced wardrobes! Absolutely all designers are fighting for expanding space and striving to make the room more spacious. Cupcans-wardrobes allow you to easily solve this complex problem. In addition, it is impossible to overestimate the functional meaning of this miraculous restoration. Numerous shelves and drawers allow you to place a huge number of things – outerwear, bedding, shoes and hats. In addition, there will always be a place for household trifles.

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A highly qualified cabinet designer is able to design them in such a way that they will become a real decoration of any room and the highlight of your interior! It is these specialists who work in the team of Imperial. Turning to us, each client can count on a professional advice and an individual approach. The manufacture and installation of a wardrobe for an individual project will rationally use any niches, without occupying extra square meters.

Long live space!

The wardrobe can change the interior just beyond recognition. For example, the built -in model is able to turn the old pantry into a new dressing room, and the corner will allow you to find its place for each thing – the shoes will not be randomly lying on the aisle, and the bags from the hooks will perfectly arrange on special shelves. The company “Imperial” offers a wide range of cabinets – a compartment for living rooms, hallways, children’s and sleeping rooms. Moreover, both design and functionality depend only on the personal preferences of the customer.

If the main goal is to free as much space as possible, it is worth paying attention to a spacious cabinet (for example, a trinutive cabinet), in which shelves are provided not only for clothing, but also for small interior items, as well as niches for storage of household appliances!

There is no room for an ironing board and iron in the apartment? No problem! Inform our specialists about this, and they will provide it in the manufacture! In addition, impressive dimensions allow you to show imagination and create a real masterpiece! Multi-level structures using backlight and decorative elements will make a wardrobe of the highlight of your interior (and even very functional).

When arranging small rooms, our designers advise to give preference to mirror doors. This simple reception will visually make the room more and much lighter. But for children’s rooms, models with bright colors and funny pictures are suitable.

It is difficult to decide on the choice? Trust professionals! Many years of experience allows you to easily and quickly choose exactly what you need. Large selection of finishing materials and facades! Wide colors!

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